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Specialty Tint offers practical solutions for those who need enhanced vision or cosmesis.  Our ComforTint lens provides protection from bright lights that can cause glare, photophobia (light sensitivity) and migraines. For a scarred or damaged cornea, try a brown iris - black pupil prosthetic lens.  Remember those ciba enhancing tints? We can make those too!  We offer sport tints for shooting, golfing, tennis, baseball etc. Whether you're tired of wearing sunglasses indoors, or need to improved eye color, Specialty Tint offers the best in contact lens tinting services.

ComforTints / Sun Tints - for photophobia and migraines

Sport Tints - for enhanced vision.  We can also replicate the discontinued Nike sport tints. 

X-Chrome - for color blindness and deficiencies. Worn in one eye, this lens aids in distinguishing colors by altering the luminance in one eye. 

Achromatopsia - (Rod Monochromat) - a rare disease in which an individual lacks cone photoreceptors. Our wine red lenses provide relief and enhanced vision.

Enhancement Colors - (CibaSoft) style contact lenses. The long discontinued but ever popular Royal Blue, Evergreen, and Aqua. 


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I have been getting headaches from too much light for as long as I can remember. I used to be referred to as the kid that wore sunglasses back in high school.....I was wearing two pairs of sunglasses at the same time that I realized there has to be a better solution....."