Sport Tints

Do you ever find yourself wanting glare protection while doing something non-conducive to eyewear? Perhaps you are playing beach-volleyball on a sunny day and having difficulty keeping your sunglasses on.  Maybe you are hunting on a cloudy day and need a little extra contrast in your vision. We have a solution. Welcome to K & K Labs Sport Tints.

Below is a list or our available sport tints and common uses:

Amber - Fishing in Sandy Lakes or Streams, Snowboarding, Skiing, Shooting, Golf, Cycling, Can cause color imbalances.

Yellow - Provides improved contrast especially in cloudy conditions. Improves depth perception: : Hunting, Target Shooting, Skiing, Snowboarding,  Mountain Biking, Tennis, Flying, Racquetball, Basketball, Cycling, Improved Depth Perception.

Rose - Cycling, Can cause color imbalances.

Red -    Cycling, Can cause color imbalances. Often used for a color-blind condition called achromatopsia.

Green - Metal Work, Baseball, Golf

Gray -   Gives truest color rendition while reducing brightness.  Useful for all outdoors sports. Graphic Design.

Brown - Heightens contrast in grassy environments. Baseball, Fishing on grassy bottoms, water sports, boating,

ComforTint - General reduction in brightness especially short wavelength light.  Heavy computer user - general photophobia / light sensitivity, and/or migraines

We also offer the "Nike" style amber and dark gray lenses.


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I have been getting headaches from too much light for as long as I can remember. I used to be referred to as the kid that wore sunglasses back in high school.....I was wearing two pairs of sunglasses at the same time that I realized there has to be a better solution....."